Even though the weather is crazy, the city is splendid. You can be in the middle of the town sitting on a bench, just admiring how people live their everyday lives, admiring the way they behave, their smiles, their happiness. Being in Greenland was like being in The Hobbit; here, it is like being in The Lord of The Rings in the hidden city of the elves.

Going back to my mortal life, I have composed a list of activities for everyone to have a blast in Reykjavík.

Go to the Pool

Yes, I am not lying to you! Going to the pool is one of the most exciting things you can do in Iceland, and I believe this is the country with the more public swimming pools per capita. 

The rare experience starts at the beginning. Swimming pool water is so clean in Iceland that you have to take a mandatory shower before going close to the pool area. That sounds pretty common, right? But the shower must include soap, shampoo and you have to take it naked in front of other people (of your same gender). Everyone is making sure that you are going clean to the water.

Inside, the experience is also fantastic. The water temperature is cooled in most pools, but warm and cold ones are available also for those who need to relieve their muscles. There are 18 in Reykjavik (I went to three different ones) with other amenities such as slides, saunas, mud therapy, spa area.

Walk in the shore

“Come on, Benjamin Gunst! Are you joking?”

I am not. The weather in Reykjavík could be a bit extreme some days, anyhow walking was one of my favourite activities in the city. If you are not from here, you will be walking inside the land of the elves. 

You can wander through the Sculpture and Shore Walk and get self-guided with all the maps and information available on the shore. You can explore the Icelandic culture and arts profoundly while giving your eyes architectural extasis from the Old Harbour. Relax yourself watching the immense mountains and the fantastic design of the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference centre.

Eat a Burger or a Hot Dog

I can guarantee you that if you eat any of these at Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar, you will want to come back to Reykjavík. Icelandic sausage is terrific!

On the other hand, if you want to try something unique and fancier, try the Lobster Pizzas at Sjávargrillið. Anyhow, everything there is perfect! 

Experience Reykjavík nightlife

There is plenty of options here, and I suggest you explore when you are there or even ask the waitress in the cafes or restaurants. I visited several bars that were open at the time. Some nightclubs in October were still closed due to the Pandemic, but regulations change every day, so most might open soon.

I loved a place called Tjarnarbíó, a venue that shows music, dance, and theatre performances.

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