I stayed in a comfy hostel in downtown Reykjavik for a couple of days before I decided to explore the rest of the country. The experience with Jessica had been bitter, and I just wanted to move on with my life. When I recovered, I went to the Tourist station, and they recommended me a trip to the Golden Circle.

I decided to rent a car and drive solo, so I could connect with myself. My first stop was at the Þingvellir National Park, 45 kilometres from Reykjavík. There was a camping area where I decided to stay. Locals said that there was a chance to see the Northern Lights, but I couldn’t wait. I fell asleep immediately. I woke up at 7:00 with no sun and no Internet, and I meditated. Maybe for about one hour. Jessica came to my mind a lot, and I tried to remove it. I did what all meditation classes say you cannot do, to fight against a thought. Hours later, I was hungry. I went back to the store and bought a sandwich and a small Iceland flag. In a video call, I promised mom I would deliver it to her in person someday.

I drove to the Almannagjá Gorge and stayed hours watching how two tectonic plates meet, North American and Eurasian. It was impressive to see how two continents are so close to each other but how far in reality. It was like seeing Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. I could stay there observing how God pointed his finger to Adam without touching him forever but giving him the spark of life. Was Europe God and North America Adam? An interesting metaphor that I don’t intend to develop here.

I took the car and ended the trip visiting first The Geysir Geothermal Area and then Gullfoss Waterfall. A family with two girls was doing the same itinerary and we ending having a chat. She was from Trinidad and Tobago, and he was from Vancouver, and I laughed out. Was destiny trying to say something to me? The kids were lovely, and we played and took a lot of pictures.

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