I had one week in Akureyri when I decided to write this post. I decided to come here to be alone, more than I was in Reykjavík. A few days after my road trip through the Golden Circle, I walked into a Bónus (an Icelandic convenience store) and found Jessica.

She was holding hands with Pietro being so comfy with each other.

I don’t know if she saw me, as I just turned my back and walked outside. I felt bad again. I thought I was in this (fabulous) country just because of her, but she was with another guy already. I felt unconsciously betrayed, even though we were only friends.

So I rented another car and travelled north for a couple of days. That’s how I ended in Akureyri. Being there, I tasted delicious food. These are my favourite places:


This place reminded me a lot of the cuisine in Greenland, as it was a menu based on what they had available for that day. Hrísalundur is only open from Monday to Friday and offers hot meals including chicken, fish, and lasagna. It looks simple, but the quality comes with the effort these people execute in their work. The lasagna is even better than the ones I have had in Rome.


This restaurant also focuses on Icelandic homemade traditional courses, and they prepare all the dishes with natural nordic ingredients. You can see their menu in advance for the whole week on their website or their Facebook Fanpage.



This is not a conventional food truck, as Pylsuvagninn is the original Icelandic hot dog. This place, located in Hafnarstræti 600 Akureyri, holds vast options for Icelandic Hot Dogs, including the Vegetarian and Vegan Icelandic.



This one is my favourite. Bautinn is located in one of the Akureyri’s oldest and historical buildings. This one was built in 1902. It serves quality food for an affordable price based on the standards of the Artic. If you want to try it, I suggest you make a reservation in advance on weekends, as it can be full.
It is open from 11:00 am and 12:30 pm on weekends.