I was getting used to the Greenlandic life when I got a Whatsapp message from Jessica. It was a picture, and she was in the snow in a bikini drinking wine with other people. I thought she was something between crazy and brave. She made me smile and reply her back: “How do I get to share that bottle of wine?”

While waiting for her reply, I was wondering why she texted me. Did she miss me? Did she want to share that moment with me? The truth is the all the willpower I had accumulated to not fall upon her grace, I had just lost it with only one message. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

That afternoon was tough to focus on (I’d been working on a freelance project from a Café with a decent Internet connection). She replied when I ordered a beer (because coffee was not strong enough to meet my deadlines). “I am in Reykjavik. Why don’t you come? The next flight from Nuuk is on Saturday. It will be funny seeing you again.”

I checked online, and she was right. The following Saturday there would depart the only weekly flight from Nuuk to Keflavík. That made me wonder how long did she stay in Greenland?
On the other hand, I couldn’t delete this phrase from my mind: “It will be funny seeing you again.” Why she picked “funny”? Am I funny? Am I not serious? Because “funny” from my perspective is a person that doesn’t want to commit. Am I not mature enough to have a relationship with her? Does she consider me only for fun?

My God! She just opened my brain with insecurities and destroyed my willpower. From one second to another, I had bought the ticket to Iceland.

I sent her a screenshot of my flight reservation with the legend: “See you at the Blue Lagoon on Sunday at 10am. Try to not catch a cold!”

She replied the next day with another screenshot: an email reservation to the Blue Lagoon, three kissing emojis and one thumb up. I didn’t want to sound desperate, so I took another day to reply and send her a wink face emoji. She didn’t reply back.

I was super happy when I received the screenshot with the ticket for visiting the Blue Lagoon. However, I reviewed it, and they were for six people. Who were they? How had Jessica managed to meet that many people in such a short time? I had to meditate a lot until Saturday to remove my mind from the multiple options this question could have answered.

At this point, I had the feeling I was going to Iceland to meet a girl who had had some kind of nostalgia while drinking. Was that love? Was it moving me to make wrong decisions? Is love unfortunate as it seems with Jessica?


I arrived in Keflavík and stayed in a cheap hotel in the town. I didn’t want to go to Reykjavík yet as Keflavík is closer to the Blue Lagoon and Iceland it is not renowned for its lowest prices. The next day I met Jessica and his friends.

They were 5 people, including her, and the extra ticket was for me. Jessica invited. Three boys and two girls. It took me less than five minutes to discover that one of the guys, Pietro, from Rome, was interested in her.

The rest of the guys were Aleksy and Katarzyna from Warsaw (a couple) and Noah from Luxembourg.

Of course, I have become a treat for the single guys following Jessica on bikes through Iceland.

Blue Lagoon was exceptional. You can read thousands of reviews and videos all over the Internet. My sincere opinion is that if you go at least once in your lifetime. I wouldn’t say it is a tourist trap, as some bloggers say. However, if you come from places like Greenland surrounded by natural wonders, the Blue Lagoon would appear to you as artificial as Dubai.

Jessica and I didn’t have the time to talk that much, and she seemed busy with her friends. I got disappointed and couldn’t hide my unhappy face. I left with the excuse of having a stomachache and took a taxi to Reykjavík, no matter the price. Now it is time to discover Iceland.

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