A week later, we travelled to Billund, and we stayed there three days until I took a flight to Rome.

Even though Billund is an essential touristic focus and contains Denmark’s second most important airport, there is no train station to get there. So we took a train from Randers to Vejle and then a bus to Billund. The total time was around three hours, which was nothing having Ida as a company.

The city lives through Lego. If I were the King of Denmark, I would rename it to Legoland. 

Here you have Worldwide Lego’s factory (they produce 85% of world Lego), Lego Worldwide Headquarters, Lego House and Lego Resort. 

The only thing that is not Lego in Billund is The Teddy Bear Art Museum, which I can recommend to you if you are dating someone. Even Billund Airport was built by Lego (however was transferred later to public administration).

Legoland was still open in November, but only on weekends. It is understandable with this weather closed to 0 degrees. It was lovely to go through Miniland with Ida and imagine an incredible world where we end happily ever after.

I even thought of having kids and raising them in Denmark. I imagined learning Danish and talking to my kids about how I ended randomly in this country and fell in love with your mother.

Ida seemed like the perfect girl on Earth: she is clever, funny, attractive and sensitive. In addition to that, she loved art, literature, nature and parks.

“Benjamin Gunst, I am not going to ask you to stay. But I have enjoyed a lot being with you these days”.

I just had the courage to say “Me too”.

“I’d love to meet you again.”

“What if we plan to meet on your next vacation? Maybe in the summertime”, I said hopefully.

“It sounds good, but do not plan it. Your life is beautiful now because it is full of spontaneous moments and unpredictable events. I don’t want to be your only event on your calendar. If we are going to meet again, you will be surprised by it”.

And then we kissed.

I still don’t know why I took that Ryanair flight to Rome.

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